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We believe the quality of relationships with customers will make or break any business. Referrals are a very important part of our business. Here is what some valued customers are saying...

Trident Trikes... “We just got back from a 15 mile ride on the Little Miami Trail. It was great. No back pain during or after the ride. Just what the doctor ordered!”

Dave and Joan A.

ICE Adventure FS’s…Hey, gotta tell you these 70 year old bones are really appreciating the bigger, lower pressure tires and the shock absorbing system on our new trikes. We are riding them every chance we get--when it isn't 90% humidity and 92 degrees like now--here in south Texas.

Lynn M.

Wow! Took my first ride on my Adventure HD.. It was an easy and very comfortable 20 mile ride. Love the headrest and the bar end shifters. Thank you for all the help and advice. It's a great trike I am sure looking forward to spring and a new riding season.
Jeff G
New Castle,IN

TerraTrikes... Just a line or two to tell you how much I am enjoying my Rover. Earlier this summer we purchased a Tour II for my wife. After seeing how she enjoyed riding it and riding it myself, I knew I had to have a Trike of my own. I have had my Rover 8 for three weeks now and I am hooked. We have ridden bikes for years but always with considerable pain. The trail closest to our home is Kokosing Gap. One day we were coming to the end of a 12 mile ride, I said to my wife, "this has always been my favorite time of the ride, when I am able to get off the bike". Now I really feel like going further, the pain is no longer there! We are constantly being asked about about the trikes, we are always happy to spread the good word. Thanks for your good service.

P.S. Also, in addition to the fun of riding the Rover 8, I have the bonus of losing nearly ten pounds in the short three weeks that I have had it!

Richard and Carolyn P.

Our TerraTrikes... are so comfortable, easy to handle and we feel safer on them than a regular bicycle. This has been one of the best "investments" we have made and would highly recommend them. If you need someone that knows TerraTrikes completely,  it is The Peddlers Store in Heath!!!!

Jim and Nancy W.

TerraTrike Rovers... "Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I are really enjoying our new Rovers.  My wife grins from ear to ear the entire time we are riding.  I'm amazed at how far we can ride without discomfort...Last Saturday, when you left the note on our car, was our second "long" ride.  We made it to Concord Road, which is almost to Johnstown and back.  If my calculations were correct, that's around 27 miles! Yesterday, we rode all the way to Johnstown, not just to the end of the trail, all the way down town, had a nice short break and then back.  Again, I'm amazed that I can ride that far in relative comfort. You and I have talked a time or two about climbing hills on the trikes.  On the way back from Johnstown yesterday, we put the Rovers to a bit of a climb test.  There is a short section of the trail, just East of Main Street in Granville.  It is a fairly steep hill that goes up into town.  You don't have a chance to run at it, it's pretty much a climb from a dead stop.  Amazingly, both my wife and I were able to climb the hill...it was slow and we were tired, but we made it!  As we rested at the top, a guy with a "go fast" 2 wheeled bike was pushing his bike  up this hill...!  

Dan Dial

ICE Sprint RS..  "I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service and information you provided me in choosing a trike on Tuesday.  I took it out for it's first "real ride" yesterday.  I rode from Wooster to Orville, approximately 25 miles round trip, via old 30 and other back roads.  The route has some hills and by the end I was powering up the big hills just like I did on my regular bicycle.  The big difference was I was so comfortable I felt like I could ride all day.  The trike  is like driving a human powered sports car.  I should have bought one years ago.  Thank you! "

Lisa V.

ICE Adventure 2's..."it is the morning after our first trail ride on our new ice adventures. I would like to report that Ihave no adverse pain in my neck or back from the 7 mile ride last night. After a long day at work we loaded our trikes and headed out for an awesome experience. We saw nature in a new way. The ICE Adventure with its suspension made riding very smooth and serene. The balance of the trike made the ride enjoyable and enabled us to look around at the beauty of the trail without worrying if we would run off the trail or tip over. It was like sitting on your couch watching the nature channel but getting the advantage of the exercise.  We are now moving couch potatoes. Thanks to the expertise and friendly help from Dave and Sue at Peddlers. I thought my biking days were over but they guided us in the direction we needed to go and made sure we were very satisfied. We look forward to many more great triking adventures. Trikers rule and bikers drool."

 Allen and Linda D

ICE Sprint F/S... I clocked 22 miles on my new trike this afternoon. This baby shifts smoothly and the steering is quick, like a sports car! I'm glad I got the F/S,very cushy ride. Thanks for the excellent build Dave, I like the little extras, the clear plastic strip under the Minora computer mount. Thanks for taking care not to mar the paint.
Thanks again for a great buying experience!
Bob G

ICE Trikes... I cannot tell you how much relief finding a way that Mary can cycle and be comfortable and feel stable on the road. It's also a tremendous benefit to know that one did some exercise, but is not crippled for the effort that one sometimes experiences on the common Diamond Frame bike.  Thank you for your support, knowledge and help to us as we enter the new world of recumbent trikes!
Doug and Mary F.

TerraTrike… Peddlers, I bought my Terratrike Rover about 2 weeks ago and I love it! I've been a competitive swimmer since I was 7 so I'm used to being very active. Unfortunately, in the past year I've aggravated the tendonitis in my shoulder, got tendonitis in my foot, and was diagnosed with a hip impingement. I had surgery to correct the hip impingement, completed physical therapy and tried to get back to exercise. I found that running and biking still hurt my hip and swimming hurt my shoulder.

 I had nearly given up on staying active until I found out about recumbent trikes. I've taken the trike out for about an hour nearly every day since I bought it and I have had zero hip pain! It's been so great getting back into shape! I would highly recommend for anyone with femoroacetabular impingement (FAI or hip impingement) or other joint problems to get a recumbent trike!

Ben H.