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ICE Adventure

Adventure? Yes, ICE named it right! This is a great trike for your next adventure. Higher seat for easy access, yet very stable. Add folding and you have a best buy in the recumbent trike market! Also avail with a 26” rear wheel!

 Adventure Starting at 20” $3027 -  26” - $3048

Adventure HD  (Heavy Duty)

The Adventure HD is a great choice for the larger rider. This trike offers a sturdier frame and a larger seat for more room in the cockpit. As with the standard Adventure, this HD model folds too! Available in rear or full suspension

 Adventure HD Starting at $3072 - RS $3567 - FS $4247

Adventure RS  (Rear Suspension)

The  ICE Adventure RS (Rear Suspension) has a higher seat for easy access and rear suspension to help smooth out the trail you choose!. This Trike also folds! (Also available in full suspension)

Adventure RS starting at - 20” $3532 - 26” 3610

ICE Sprint 26

The Sprint 26 has a larger 26” rear wheel for a fast, sporty ride. With a lower seat position this trike offers a very stable ride with all day comfort!

Sprint 26 starting at $2936 - 26RS - $3527, 26FS - $4252

ICE Sprint RS  (Rear Suspension)

The ICE Sprint RS (Rear Suspension) offers spirited handling, a lower seat position and rear suspension to smooth out the ride for even more comfort! (Also available in full suspension)

Sprint RS starting at- $3425, FS $4150


The ICE VTX is the ultimate long distance, high performance racing trike. It combines style and speed to create what is arguably one of the world’s most desirable racing trikes!

VTX starting at - $4318

ICE Trikes are custom built.

The above pricing reflects the entry price level of the models.